Our Team Philosophy

Each project is tackled by a team: translators, software experts and IT engineers for authoring and editing, brought together specifically for the purpose of undertaking the project in hand. Each team has a project manager, the contact person for the client and the coordinator for the translators and specialists on the team.

The professionalism of everyone involved is a keynote of all our projects. Versatility and the ability to react speedily to the needs and preferences of our clients are our characteristics, ours and our partners'. We access a large pool of translators, specialists in a very wide range of fields. Needless to say, we work only with experts whose services are at our disposal on a project-specific basis.

All translations are undertaken by experienced, professional translators and the target language is always the translator's mother tongue. Our translators work within their own areas of expertise and experience. We would never ask a translator who specializes in construction engineering to take on a text dealing with communications, for example.

IT specialists are in charge of engineering the software and testing the programs after localization.

Authoring is entrusted to qualified native speakers, experts who structure the online help systems and write the texts for manuals in English and in German.

Desktop publishing is in the hands of experienced DTP specialists.

We access a matrix comprising professionals working all over Europe and the USA, so that we can utilize the ideal resources to the best possible effect, in order to ensure optimum results within your project.